Supply situation of the population: agricultural project in Nigeria

19. März 2022

Supply situation of the population: agricultural project in Nigeria

Ways to environmentally friendly land use – create long-term perspectives directly and immediately. In conversation with Thomas Wegener on social commitment for grow Express Limited Nigeria.

Sometimes investors asking me, where I would invest in Africa if we get 1 Mill US$.

For me it’s quite easy to answer as somebody being in Africa for more than 20years.

If we can consciously offer a well balance mix of advanced education, bringing in latest technology by respecting local cultures will make investments taking-off sustainably multiple times.


Africa has a rich history, unique climate & and endless unused arable land, with rich soil and well educated ambitious young population, who is targeting for a better local life.


Utilizing such excellent basics and combining those with value and impact investments in AgriTech will not only feed the African nations but also brings employment, food security and stable income, bringing whole population out of poverty. and balancing local

This will stop millions of people to migrate, avoiding local conflicts on inequality, making a whole region a better place on mother earth.

Supply situation of the population: agricultural project in Nigeria
IITA Organisation on GrowExpress Cassava fields / GrowExpress Ltd


Just little examples as weather and soil allows Africa to become major supplier of pepper where Vietnam consumes 166k MT, India 86k MT, US 68k MT equalling ~40% of global consumptions.

Pork consumption in Nigeria and Ghana only is ~ 3 Bill US$ yearly and can be scaled up to 54 countries, supplying the world’s largest unified but mainly untapped consumer market since Jan 2021.

There are ~600Mill fish consumers in Africa with increasing demand.

GrowExpress is leading by example and running continuously Agricultural trainings on latest locally adjusted technologies together with international well-known institutions as IITA (International Institute of Tropical Agriculture) and GIZ (German Corporation for International Cooperation)

Latest trainings have been performed with single parent woman from Oyo states teaching on Cassava and Maize Value Chain.

Trainings covering modern Seed Systems and economic Weed Management incl. real business cases by IITA and the National Agricultural Seed Council (NASC), while in the last training Prof Lateef Sanni addressing the prospects of cassava enterprises and urged farmers to participate in their projects with a general business mindset…

GrowExpress works with these farmers on their own large-scale block farms, which enables each farmer to work on a specific area within the farmland made available and also to participate in modern equipment, knowledge exchange and the logistics chain. At the same time, the purchase of the goods is guaranteed and, in the best case, this is processed on site in order to achieve an even higher refinement of the basic food and thus to achieve higher sales prices.

Tangible Results?

The outcomes are breath-taking, since it has been uplifting local communities by large improvements on overall village life. It starts with improved sanitation, participating public life also by being connected to the internet, financial inclusion by opening individual bank accounts, allowing children to reach and participate schooling, stable and secure food supply…

Coming back to the entry question:

Investing in people and African agriculture is making sure (1) You are doing good for a more equal and better world and (2) being economically very successful in short, mid and long-term.


Dr. Rainer Schreiber
Lecturer adult education & HR consultant


GrowExpress Limited
Kingsley Ekwueme
+234 7031135981
Cocoa House, Dugbe, 200263 Ibadan, Nigeria

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